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koszyk truskawekDARSELECT is our leading cultivar on offer. It is a classical dessert variety with large and very large fruit, within the 1st class througout the entire harvest season. Produces large conical fruit, bright red in colour and with shiny and damage-resistant skin.The flesh is red, very juicy, sweet and aromatic, with excellent flavour. Plants are vigorous, with medium compact growth habit. Susceptibility to powdery mildew is similar to Elsanta, yet the plant is more resistant to root diseases and frost. Fruit ripen in about the same time as Elsanta. Recommended by the cultivar owner, the Planasa company, for traditional open field crops as well as for controlled crops in field or in plastic tunnels.Darselect will be not avaiable with us in the years 2021 and 2022.